10 Reasons Web Design SEO Matters
Design it right with the latest web design SEO techniques. With these 10 benefits of combining web design and SEO, you can develop a website that works to build your business.

According to Fit Small Business, it takes just 10 seconds for someone to form an impression of your brand.

That means your website has all of 10 seconds to impress new website visitors. Otherwise, you’re losing the opportunity to gain a lead or make a sale. 

Here are 10 reasons you need web design SEO for an effective marketing website. By combining web design and SEO, you can create a website that makes a lasting impression and helps you boost your business!

1. Better User Experience

A well-designed and developed website prioritizes an easy user experience. 

Unfortunately, conflicting website design can leave visitors confused. Clicking from one page to the next only to find a completely different design can make people feel like they’re on the wrong website.

This can encourage website visitors to leave without ever converting into a lead. 

With combined web design SEO, the design focuses on helping users find what they’re looking for. That means the navigation is organized, making it easy for visitors to explore your website. 

Website SEO also uses keyword optimization to keep readers focused on the content. That makes it easier to guide visitors throughout your website as well. 

With a balance between web design and SEO, there are no distractions. When visitors are happy, that also makes it easier to lead them towards conversion opportunities, too.

That way, visitors are impressed and you’re making sales!

2. Lower Bounce Rates

As we mentioned before, a confusing website can cause visitors to leave without clicking around. This low click-through-rate (CTR) also leads to a high bounce rate. High bounce rates occur when people leave without interacting with your website.

A high bounce rate can also impact your SEO. 

Google looks at a long list of criteria when determining search engine rankings. This includes whether or not the website reflects the user’s search intent.

One way Google determines whether or not the website reflects search intent is CTR and bounce rates.

By improving your web design SEO, you can improve your search ranking too. That way, more people find your website when they search online.

3. Attract Valuable Visitors

You want to attract website visitors most likely to convert into paying customers.

To find those customers, companies use website SEO and keyword research. This keyword research can determine the phrases your customers are searching when looking for your product or service.

Then, your attractive website design can help you keep these visitors on your website. That way, they’re encouraged to explore, find the information they’re looking for, and convert. 

Your website speed plays a part in keeping these valuable visitors on your website as well. By designing a light, fast-speed website, you can improve user experience. This fast load time also benefits your SEO ranking. 

That way, you’re ranking higher on search pages and attracting these valuable visitors straight to your website!

4. Conversion Optimization

Remember, a positive user experience encourages happy website visitors. When your visitors are impressed by their experience and your company, they’re also more likely to convert.

Make sure your website is designed to offer visitors numerous conversion opportunities.

These can include a phone number, form, or chat function.

Website design SEO can also guide a visitor through your site and straight towards a conversion. These include micro-conversions, which can teach you a lot about your visitors.

Plus, it provides visitors with convenience, which further improves their user experience!

5. Increases Organic Search

According to Forbes, nearly 60 percent of all traffic occurs on mobile devices. To reflect this trend, Google rolled out its mobile-first indexing to determine website rankings.

This trend has impacted web design tactics as well as SEO techniques. With a mobile-optimized website, you can increase your ranking and visibility. This increases quality traffic and makes your website easier to use.

This also ensures visitors can interact with your website any time, anywhere, too!

6. Lasting Impressions

It takes 10 seconds for you to make an impression, and often enough, that impression is lasting. 

A bad experience can encourage visitors to leave negative reviews about your website. This can hurt your online reputation.

Good reviews, however, can actually benefit your local SEO. With more happy visitors, you’re also more likely to attract new customers, too. 

7. Effective Advertising

Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram advertising all depend on your website to help you make a sale. In fact, a poorly designed website can lower your Google Ads quality scores. This can make every click more expensive and lower your rankings, too. 

Web design SEO on your landing pages can improve ad experience and the buyer’s journey.

That way, you have more effective advertising in place to help you make a sale.

8. Better Buying

A strong website can help you make e-commerce sales or boost conversions.

The easier it is for someone to navigate your site—on mobile and desktop devices—the more likely they’ll browse and buy.

Local SEO can help you bring sales into your store, too. After searching online and finding what they need, website visitors will feel encouraged to become real visitors to make their purchases in person.

9. Long-Term Strategizing

SEO web design will pay you back for a long time. By investing in SEO and a well-designed website, you can increase website traffic and conversions.

Happy visitors and a strong online reputation can help you improve brand loyalty as well.

That way, your one-time visitors become repeat customers for years to come. 

10. High ROI

Website SEO also improves your marketing as a whole.

Boosting your online paid advertising and organic traffic benefits your return on investment. That way, you’re getting more quality conversions while paying less to make those sales.

Design It Right: 10 Reasons Web Design SEO Matters

Design it right with the latest web design SEO techniques. With these 10 benefits of combining web design and SEO, you can develop a website that works to build your business. 

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