Marketing Content Creator Slayer
Ready to generate some badass content and slay the day? Take a bite out of these five tips to become your team's marketing content creator slayer!

If you’ve ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you know the Big Bads always require Buffy to think things through. When it comes to slaying it as a marketing content creator, a bit of planning doesn’t hurt there, either.

According to Forbes, 93 percent of B2B companies claim contenting marketing brings in more leads than the traditional tactics.

As your team’s content creator slayer, it’s your responsibility to boost brand awareness to bring in those leads. Better yet, your badass content can kick up quality leads. That way, no one’s wasting time attracting the wrong sort of houseguests.

Here are five tips to help you become a pro marketing content creator. Then, you can bring in new business leads and watch your company rise to every opportunity.

(There’s probably a Watcher joke in there somewhere.)

1. Read, Write, Repeat

As a writer, you’ve probably heard this snippet of advice a thousand times. For your journey on the road as a marketing content creator slayer, though, I’m going to put my own spin on it.

Yes, reading can do a lot to train your mind so you can use your best weapon (that pen of yours, not a scythe) effectively. However, it’s not enough to read your favorite fiction pieces or magazine articles.

Instead, go for relevant resources.

Read articles from your favorite content creatives like Neil Patel or Hubspot’s blog. If you really want to kickass at keeping it condensed, try TheSkimm on for size. (&, you know, this blog, if you’re feeling it.)

As you’re reading, take note of what wow’s you.

Then, incorporate those styles into your own content. Generate new content every day.

Some attempts will fall flat, and that’s okay! Just learn from those mistakes and figure out how to slay it next time.

2. Know Your People

Who are you even generating content for in the first place? Your entire marketing strategy could flip-flop depending on your niche.

Research your target audience—like, a lot. Keep a lookout for the influencers they love, the content they like on social media, and the trends they respond to.

Remember, your content isn’t trying to sell, sell, sell. That’ll lose your readers real fast. Instead, recognize the value you have to offer customers.

Once you highlight that value in your content, you’re giving customers a reason to care.

Then, you can build a brand that speaks to this distinct audience (even if they use “like” or “totally” to start every sentence).

3. Brand It

According to FitSmallBusiness, 56 percent of marketers believe personalized content marketing increases brand engagement.

With a killer brand, you can stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on customers.

That brand can do a lot more, too. A unique voice and personality can ensure customers will remember and recognize your brand.

That way, your content boosts brand awareness, recognition, and recall.

It can even help you build relationships when you post your content on social media. Then you’re generating engagement, too!

4. Curate (Yours and Theirs)

Even the best of us hit that marketing content creator slump. If you’re feeling stuck, let’s be kind and rewind by going back to step one.

Take a look at those blogs you read every week. What about the social media posts, case studies, video content, infographics, and other content you’ve seen from competitors?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: chances are, you could make it better.

Curate content with updated statistics, then brand it with your voice. You can even recycle your own content by switching up the material type. For example, you can convert a statistic-heavy blog into an infographic to give it that visual oomph.

That way, you’re never running low on steam.

5. Keep Improving

Once you have a momentum going, keep an eye on your progress.

Use Google Analytics or social media stats to measure your KPIs. That way, you can recognize your heroes (and your zeroes).

Question everything. How can you make it better? What did you learn?

Your curiosity could even turn you into the newest viral marketing trend (just not planking again, please)!

Slay & Succeed: How to Excel as a Marketing Content Creator

Ready to generate some badass content and slay the day? With these five tips, you can become your team’s marketing content creator slayer!

Then, you can give your brand a Buffy-boost and take a bite out of new opportunities.

Check out the blog for more ways to slay your marketing!