How to Promote Your Business on Instagram
Experience insta-success! Know how to promote your business on Instagram to reach out and attract new customers with these tips!

Instagram is expected to surpass 111 million users in the United States this year.

That’s bound to generate a lot of likes.

With a strong Instagram marketing strategy, you can expand your reach to a new audience. Reaching new leads can help you drive sales and boost your business. 

Keep reading to learn how to promote your business on Instagram.

With these tips, you can use Instagram marketing to make your business shine online!

1. Perfect the Profile

To start, get your Instagram business account up and running!

Then, you can optimize your profile so it stands out among the masses.

You have 150 characters available for your Instagram profile. To attract new customers, that profile needs to make a strong first impression for your business.

Tell these visitors who you are, what you do, and why it matters. To make the most of your space, prioritize your company’s value. This will help you stand out from the crowd.

When determining how to promote your business on Instagram, let your brand shine.

On your bio:

  • Use your company’s brand voice to convey personality
  • Include clickable hashtags that are relevant to your business
  • Add emojis to help your profile stand out
  • Use line breaks and spacing so the text is easier to read

Don’t forget that profile pic! That small photo can make a big impact. It also gives people a visual image to associate with your brand.

Complete your Instagram for business account with your:

  • Website
  • Contact information
  • A call-to-action button

These details can help ensure your profile represents your company’s brand.

2. Strategize

Once your account is up, it’s time to strategize. A strong strategy can help you determine how to promote your business on Instagram effectively.

To start, determine your target audience.

These are the people most likely to become paying customers. Once you know your target audience, you can create content that drives their interest.

Then, get on your goals.

Maybe you want to boost brand awareness or attract people to your website. Recognizing your goals can help you create content to accomplish those goals.

Determine your performance metrics, too.

Then, set up a post schedule. Keep it consistent.

These steps will set you up for long-term Instagram success!

3. Expand Your Reach

Once you know your target audience, it’s time to reach out!

Hashtags help give your content a boost to different audiences based on their interests. 

You can use up to 30 Instagram hashtags on each post. However, Instagram best practices suggest you use two to three hashtags at a time.

Don’t forget to create a brand hashtag as well! A tag as simple as “#yourcompany” will help Instagram users find your content. You can even give this branded hashtag a creative spin.

It’s up to you!

4. Collaborate Creatively

You can also expand your reach by collaborating with other Instagram users. 

Determine the influencers in your industry. These are people your target audience already knows and trusts.

Then, tag these people in each post. 

Tagging influencers can help you attract their existing audience to your content.

Shout-outs can help increase your exposure, too. In some cases, you can pay for these shout-outs to gain new followers. This allows you to promote your product or service at the same time.

5. Show, Don’t Tell

Let’s get visual! Knowing how to promote your business on Instagram is all about the visual content.

Determine aesthetic guidelines for your content. This will create a recognizable brand identity. In this case, consistency is key.

Then, determine what content to post. Make sure it represents your brand.

Restaurants can showcase new dishes, happy diners, or catering events.

Keeping your content relevant to your product or service attracts people to your business. For Instagram, it’s not about selling, but promoting your brand.

Match these posts with compelling captions. 

That way, every post generates interest and keeps people coming back for more. 

6. Mix It Up

According to Forbes, 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others.

In addition to photos, try posting videos and Instagram stories, too. Mixing up the content keeps people interested. It also gives you new opportunities to showcase your brand.

Get on the record with these benefits of a strong video marketing strategy.

7. Go Behind-the-Scenes

Don’t just post on Instagram to post. Instead, try to give followers valuable content they can’t find anywhere else.

To start, head behind-the-scenes. 

Customers are naturally curious. Show them how a product is made, used, or distributed.

This exclusive content can answer their questions and alleviate any concerns.

8. Anticipation & Exclusivity

You’ve reeled followers in using hashtags and eye-catching content. Now it’s time to keep that interest.

Reward your loyal followers with content they can’t get anywhere else. In addition to behind-the-scenes content, you can also offer exclusive deals. Let them know when new products are available, too. 

Teaser photos and videos can also generate curiosity. This content gets people all abuzz about new locations, specials, and offerings.

Once you generate that anticipation, you can keep followers coming back for more exclusive content.

9. Grow Engagement

Once you have their interest, it’s time to get your followers engaged.

Check out what’s already online. Which posts are your followers responding to?

This content can give you some direction as you generate your own content.

Make sure you respond to comments on your posts as well. This will tell followers you’re listening. Make sure you don’t automate these responses.

Finally, use other social media platforms and your website to promote your account. That way, you’re attracting even more followers to engage!

10. Measure Success

As you use these tips for how to promote your business on Instagram, keep an eye out.

Watch for what works and what doesn’t. Measure those key performance indicators. 

As you measure your success, you can make changes to optimize your Instagram marketing.

Insta-Success: How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Experience insta-success! Once you know how to promote your business on Instagram, you can reach out and attract new customers.

Now you can launch your social media marketing strategy for even more likes!

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