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Blogging & SEO & Social Media…There’s always one more “and” thrown in. Ampersand Creative Co. connects every “&” in creative content creation for a maelstrom of creative marketing strategies.

Being a bookworm was always an escape. Reading permitted world travel without plane fare (or permission). Through the years, shelves straining under the weight of a growing library, bookworm escalated to bookdragon

Every book, blog post, or social media caption triggers a subconscious dissecting of sentence structure and word choice, delving deep to discover a masterpiece in the making. The results now channel through every stroke of my pen.

I’m a writer with an ink-stained soul, editor wielding a red pen as a sword, and marketing guru ready to take on the world.

At Ampersand Creative Co. you’ll find blog posts for a range of industries, written for audiences across the world.  Using search engine optimization, I craft results-driven blog posts to communicate with your target audience, boosting your website’s brand recognition, attracting new customers—all giving  your business a wow-worthy boost.

My pen is at the ready.

The Word Nerd Behind Ampersand


Over the years, I've added one more "&" to my title each time. Copywriter & Editor & Marketing Coordinator & PPC Specialists & Blogger & SEO Guru...Yeah, the list goes on. Ampersand Creative is my hub for sharing what I've learned, so you can add another "&" to your title, too.

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