7 Tips for Getting Motivated
Sometimes it feels difficult to find that drive. With these seven tips for getting motivated, you can find the fuel you need to slay the day!

Employee motivation levels are declining. Now, 29 percent of employees say they’re not motivated at work. That lack of motivation can impact your personal life, too. 

If motivation is the key to success, you have to determine what motivates you first.

Here are seven tips for getting motivated. With these tips, you can get out of your motivational funk and slay day after day!

1. Don’t Think “Failure”

Fear can leave us paralyzed. The potential for failure acts as a mental roadblock, keeping us from achieving our goals.

Thinking about potential failures is just toxic and energy-consuming.

Instead, set the bar low.

Break your bigger goals into smaller wins. With each small success, you’ll feel the benefits of taking action. Then, you can strive for the big finish to accomplish those bigger objectives. 

2. Know Your Trap Triggers

Little actions are like quicksand that leave us stuck in a motivational slump.

Opening a tab on your computer to watch one cat video can lead to another. Eventually, you’ve lost half an hour of productivity.

Know your traps. If you fail to avoid them, recognize when you’ve fallen. Then, pick yourself up and get back on track.

You can even consider taking this small step as one of your wins.

3. Remember Each Moment Matters

According to this research, getting pressured into taking initiative doesn’t work. Rather, performance is higher when you motivate yourself.  

Getting motivated can lead you to big life moments.

Remind yourself that this is the only chance you’ll get.

Wasting time on cat videos or other small distractions won’t lead you to success. Instead, remind yourself how important these moments are.

4. Find Daily Motivators

Don’t beat yourself. You’re not unproductive, or lazy. Instead, try some self-compassion.

Know what motivates you. What gets your motivation rolling?

If a daily motivational quote sparks your day, subscribe to daily emails. You can also recruit support. Surround yourself with people who know how to get motivation at an all-time high.

Once you know what motivates you, it becomes easier to determine how to get motivated at the start of each day.

5. Get Active

We’ve all heard about the many benefits of exercise. Well, guess what? It can benefit your self-motivation, too. 

If you’re lacking motivation, take a break, stretch it out, and get back to work feeling refreshed. 

6. Get in the Zone

When was the last time you felt at the top of your game? Recognize these moments of triumph. Acknowledge the courage it took to achieve your goals, too. 

As you’re getting motivated, use that past sensation as fuel.

7. Find Your Mantra

Find a phrase that gets you excited. Repeat those words in your head before a new project to get you moving.

It can sound as simple as “Keep going” or “Slay the day.” It’s up to you!

7 Tips for Getting Motivated (Even When You Don’t Want To)

Sometimes it feels difficult to find that drive. With these seven tips for getting motivated, you can find the fuel you need to get going! 

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